Building the future

Building the future
One Block at A home

DXN has achieved A Tier-READY III AWARD for
the engineering of its DXN-1400, 1.4MW
data centre blocks

Pre-fabricated modules that comprise a complete Tier-III data centre our customers can order “out-of-the-box” and easily deploy anywhere
in the world.

Data Exchange has a new and disruptive approach to building-out colocation space, deploying capacity using multiple 1MW blocks of infrastructure that can be configured in modules that meet the principles outlined in Uptime Institute’s TIER-Ready III and TIER-Ready IV specification under one roof. Clients are offered unprecedented flexibility with completely customisable power and cooling settings available on a module-by-module basis. This means they can choose the level of resilience they require and optimise operating costs by setting the environment within their modules to suit their hosted technology. By adhering to a ISO modular footprint, our DC infrastructure can be easily shipped anywhere in the world cost effectively.

Modular Colocation Advantage


Complete Tier-III
Data Centre

Our DXN-1400 clusters provide clients with a pre-fabricated, rapidly deployable 1.4MW data centre solution that can be scaled up by adding more clusters as and when you need it. By staging the deployment of the clusters we can ensure a significant reduction in upfront capex required, enabling a quicker return on investment.


For Cost Effective

All of our modules are pre-fabricated at our production facility in Perth and leave the factory ready to be installed on site, resulting in a plug and play model that gets you to market quicker.


ISO Compliant
For Rapid Delievery

Utilising the standard ISO footprint enables us to use traditional cargo logistic options ensuring low costs to ship and reduced shipping times including landside logistics anywhere in the world.