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Why Tier-Ready should be top of mind
When comparing colocation facilities

The Uptime Institute (UTI) is acknowledged as the industry "golden standard" for Data Centre (DC) build quality. Its Tier Certifications ensure that end-users have absolute certainty about the quality of colocation facilities that conform to the Institute's standards of resiliency and reliability.

In 2017, UTI introduced its Tier-Ready design review program for modular data centre manufacturers. This program sets the benchmark for this category. UTI Tier-Ready certified prefabricated DCs must meet the same stringent criteria as conventional brick and mortar data centres. This means that Modular DCs can now be judged by the same standards.

Justin Kellerman, Chief Technical Architect at Data Exchange recently stated, "We are proud to announce we have Tier-Ready certification for our modular colocation facilities in Melbourne and Sydney. We've worked hard and very closely with UTI. It's a massive achievement for us and proof again that the future is not waiting to be built...
it can be built right now and to the industry's leading standards."

He added, "Data Exchange's colocation model is different from others in the Australian landscape; its adaptable, decentralised architecture underpins all the facilities, allowing scale-out to multiple locations, then scale-up at each site to meet market demand. DXN's agility and dynamic facility fitout and build is by far the fastest on the continent and is now recognised as being of the same quality as any other UTI certified data centre."

"We are proud to announce we have Tier-Ready
certification for our modular colocation facilities in
Melbourne and Sydney"

"Our innovative colocation structure means more flexibility for our clients and a completely customised solution to house their equipment. We can accommodate a mix of Tier-III and Tier-IV modules under one roof, providing unprecedented flexibility for our customers. we are built to give our client, a highly bespoke environment without any disruption or interference to the rest of the facility. We want the experience to feel like our clients own their own data centre, inside our data centre."

"Our Tier-Ready certification is a globally recognised standard and the blueprint for all our colocation facilities both locally and abroad," added Mr. Justin Kellerman, "we are one of five companies in the world to be awarded this certification; further proof of our capability in the market. DXN is joining a very exclusive club of exceptional manufacturers, which puts us firmly in the international spotlight."

DXN intends to remain the lowest capex per-rack operator in the market, and with Tier-Ready accreditation it is an effective, high quality alternative to traditional colocation. So, when it is time to compare apples with apples for your next DC build or major expansion; remember an orange, smartly segmented, is now a choice as well.

For more info on Data Exchange's Uptime Institute Tire-Ready Certification email info@dataexchange.io