Staff Announcment

Laskavo Prosymo
(That’s Ukrainian for Welcome!)


Alex Fil is our new Ukrainian staff member tasked with the duties of construction and facilities management.

His role will be integral as we take our Melbourne and Sydney Colocation Facilities from inception to actualisation. We caught up with him to find out a little more about where he’s from and why he’s been eager to join the team here at DXN.

Tell us about yourself, what motivates you to get out of bed every morning?

Well, everybody wants to give back to the world and I want to construct something to give back to society. I started my first project as a lighting engineer. I lit up big skyscrapers, I lit up hotels. When I saw the result of my work, I understood immediately how beneficial and rewarding it can be. You see, in construction you can see what you’re building straight away, especially in lighting. You don’t just see the building, you see the building at night, and it’s an inspiring sight to see. These results are what brings instant gratification for me.

I believe when you build something that helps the world; something you can see benefits society, that’s when you know you’re on the right path to a great future.

Alex you’ve got a large résumé and have been involved in some serious ventures. Which has been the most challenging and what did you learn from the experience?

I started my work as a sub, sub… sub-contractor. Basically, I was in the lowest chain within construction. I moved from a sub-contractor, to a principal constructor, then I moved to senior principle constructor as the commissioning manager at Georgiou. Now that I’m based on the client side, it’s all come full circle. I communicate quite effectively because of my past experiences. Just from working with a diverse range of people and businesses has opened up my understanding of different viewpoints.

The most challenging project of my life was the Hyatt project. I was involved from the very beginning on the construction of the Hyatt Hotel in Russia. I was the principal constructor at the time, but I came on board as an electrical engineer before I moved into the coordinator role. We handed over this project at the end of last year, so if you were watching the World Cup this year, many of the teams from around the world were staying in this hotel. I was involved from stage 1 through to the closing out of this project. It ran for 3 years. It was a monster project; full of nerves, stress and adrenaline. But in the end, it was very successful.

Our new facilities are no small undertaking. Can you tell us a little about the build process and some of the moving parts you’ll be looking to oversee?

The Data Centre market is a very big market currently. We have a lot of competitors but our approach to colocation is also very unique. I see it as a very elegant, simple and robust solution. This containerised methodology really feels like the way Data Centre’s will evolve in the future. For me it’s like playing Tetris, where you have to plan your moves for the future (it’s a bit like being half an engineer and the other half a fortune teller). Technology will change but our build will allow us to use the best tech in every module we produce, so in a way our colocation centre’s will be in a constant state of rejuvenation. It can be tricky but it’s also equally exciting. I think our clients will be amazed when they see how simple it is to set up their modules to whatever specification they need without all the red tape that they have been accustomed to in the past. When our new facilities in Sydney and Melbourne open their doors, I think it will be game changing.

“Best built to service the future” is our company mantra. What does the future look like to you? What do you think Data Exchange will bring to this mix?

The speed at which the connected world is moving is incredible. Everything is getting smarter, not just laptops, phones and computers but toys and fridges. You name it. My job is almost that of a ‘future enabler’. My role with Data Exchange will have me playing my part in making sure that the Data centres of the future are up and running as quickly as they are needed. Providing our client with the best facilities and support so they can continue to drive this rapidly changing digital economy. Maybe in the future when I see self-driving cars, I will smile knowing that I did my bit to make that vision a reality.