Feature Article

Prefabricated Data Centre’s,
on your mark, get set...GO!

It’s a straight dash to the finish line with Data Exchange.

The wait—the anxiety of anticipation when something new has been promised, but the goal seems to be getting pushed further and further into the distance. This is what waiting for a new prefabricated DC feels like to many clients out there. This doesn't have to be the norm. There is a better way, and it is through Data Exchange. Currently, Data Exchange is the only manufacturer of containerised data centre modules in Australia, resulting in an experience of a shorter lead time than you're most likely used to. We offer a simpler, smarter, more collaborative prefabricated Data Centre build that is delivered on a production timescale you can set your watch to.

Consider the possibility of a cost effective, dependable and rugged Data Centre Module, delivered to your business within 3 months.

We believe in offering a completely vertically integrated solution, without the layers of complexity usually associated with custom builds, we do this by keeping the design and manufacturing in-house. This means; our very own engineers, fabricators, mechanics and electricians all under the one roof, right here in Western Australia. We take all the traditional aspects of a prefabricated build, ensuring the same quality, whilst reducing the cost through directly sourcing our equipment and engineering it all within one location. Our WA head office where our briefings take place is home to our highly skilled engineers, designers and manufacturers. We maintain total control of the entire build process, and by having our manufacturing handled locally; we ensure quality of the build throughout every step of the projects lifespan. We build it all here, so we deliver it faster. If issues arise, solid, informed decisions can be made immediately without having to slow down production. Solutions are found, questions addressed, and we can forge ahead.


We’re here to walk alongside you by providing a personalised client journey that allows us to understand what your business needs, and we tailor options that fit your application. Our prefabricated data centres can be designed to meet stringent standards including defence, seismic, ballistic and electromagnetic shielding; guaranteeing the security and stability of your precious technology. Integration is achieved through the testing and verification on site and if you want to check the progress of your order, we’re local; which means you can check in at any point, not just the final delivery stage.

It’s time efficient, it’s simple and it’s tailored. Our critical infrastructure is provided at a dependable pace, ready to be deployed just about anywhere. We build to go wherever our client needs, and our proven track record with mining, oil and gas ventures is a testament to the success of our engineering and construction approach.

So get in touch with us today, and let’s build to best service the future of your company. Start planning your next Edge Data Centre by contacting Rhiannon, rhiannon@dataexchange.io